A game of no limit Texas Holdem is not meant for the beginners. As odds are an integral part of Texas Holdem, not knowing how to calculate hand odds, implied odds, poker odds and pot odds will give you a hard time at the table.

In fact, understanding the implied odds in no limit Texas Holdem is one of the most important factors to consider as the size of your opponent’s remaining chip stack determines the total amount that you could win.

However, do not let that blind you to the pot odds of a particular game. If you are a pro in this, you can determine a proper game strategy to follow at the table, whether live or online, to win the pot.

Though many seasoned poker players claim that their game plan is guided by their instincts, just going by the feel of things is a bad choice to make. You should have a solid understanding of the implied odds in a no limit Texas Holdem game to tilt the table in your favor.

This understanding can also prove useful in determining how loose can you play or the right time to chase those guthots down. It will also help you identify backdoor flushes and over cards and the right time to call them.

Implied odds in a game of no limit Texas Holdem are often compared to a hidden treasure. Thus, once you learn to identify these odds by looking beyond what is already on the table and gauging the amount you can win off your opponent, it is like having a treasure map.

This understanding coupled with the correct judgment to hit upon the right time to apply these odds in a game of no limit Texas Holdem will help you rake in one pot after another like a pirate’s booty.